Watched A play ultimate frisbee underneath enormous cumulous clouds. Will it rain? We asked. There’s a 20 percent chance to 40 percent chance. The clouds looked fluffy, not dark. Took pictures with the new camera.

Left to drive to San Antonio for a birthday party. Drove down I-35 into the storms. Got a great lightning show as we headed south and the storm headed north. It rained in Austin just in time to cancel the final game, but A’s team won anyway.

Sunday my niece  (aka K’s twin as the two were often mistaken for one another when K was a senior and niece K was a freshman) was dancing in a recital. My niece is very good, very talented, and the show was enjoyable, but the absolute best part were the little kids. It was the classic dance recital of fat-bellied preschoolers in tutus and pink tights. They mostly forgot their choreography. They stopped what they were doing to peer into the audience to wave at their parents. The little girls who remembered nudged and poked and told the ones who forgot where to go next. It was very hard not to laugh out loud. Their teachers had to come on stage and lead them off in the correct direction. Also, the little tap-dancing boys in their zoot suits and ties.

Read a friend’s screenplay. Didn’t write on Sunday. Will write first thing on Monday because it’s a holiday and because it needs to take priority.

Those were cute little kids.


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