Remember this?

It is a comforting belief among much of society, that a plain girl with a small fortune must have no more interest in matrimony than matrimony has in her.”
That is the opening of my novel, The Unexpected Miss Bennet. You can read the first chapter on my Amazon page (scroll down after the GWIII excerpt — Amazon doesn’t hyperlink blog titles, apparently).

Well, it is off to the agent today. Keep your fingers crossed!This is a huge step for many reasons, but the biggest is that this is the first non-Gordath novel to head out the door ever and honestly, who knows what will happen?

Publishing is weird. I want to write all different kinds of books, but the publishing industry has a hard time dealing with an author who doesn’t stick to their tried and true. But I don’t want to just write in the Gordath-verse, although I enjoy it when I’m there. (Yes, I know I was ready to close the door on it last year after I turned in Red Gold Bridge, but the portal has a way of sneaking up on you and demanding to be opened.)

I want to write the Holy Grail of romances, the Regency. I want to write space opera. I want to write a Halo novel. (What? That’s weird?) I want to have a new fantasy series creep out of my subconscious with new characters who speak to me when I should be doing industry analysis from census data. (If my boss is reading this — just kidding!)

So I can see how publishing would find it hard to keep up. So here’s the thing. I’m going to keep writing them. I’ll excerpt them on the website, and maybe start a podcast or two. If publishing wants them, they’ll let me know. If you want one, I can figure out a way to get it to you. Just say the word.

In the meantime, The Unexpected Miss Bennet is off to the agent. Let the adventures begin.


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