One of the things that I’ve always had trouble with was how to describe my own book. I managed to come up with this description while in the bar at Apollocon, with Chris Roberson, Space Squid * Nemesis Mikal Trimm, and a bunch of other people who I don’t remember. (probably John Picaccio, Matthew Bey, JM McDermott, and Lou Anders, but I couldn’t swear to it.)

Chris was like, “just say it, just say it!”** and I blurted out, “Narnia for grownups!” and he was like, “see, that works.”

So it’s all Chris’s fault.

 So if you stumble across this site after looking at the book and you think it’s about this chick and her horse, well it is — but it’s also Narnia for grownups.

No Aslan though.

 You can read a few reviews and interview stuff in my appropriately named reviews and interview page.

* They still haven’t updated their web site.

** He probably didn’t say it exactly like that but that was the effect it had on me.


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