Although this probably interests me way more than you, it’s curious because I can’t remember the last time I caught a cold. I’ve gotten allergies, sure, because this is Austin, Texas, and if you don’t have allergies you will get allergies. Thank God for Claritin D, is all I’ve got to say. This is a real cold though, for which I’m grateful. One gets over a cold.

And every time I get a cold, I always think of Bilbo Baggins. “Thag you very buch,” he said during the feast in Laketown. Which of course makes me think that I need to reread The Hobbit. I have it in Icelandic — maybe I should reread that version.

In hola inni jarthinu, bjo hobbi.

Or something. (It’s on a bookshelf on the other side of the house.)

Despite my cold, I took one for the team and went grocery shopping, as we lacked pretty much anything that could be called food chez moi. I ran into Rick Klaw at the grocery store. We chatted about the writing business by the seafood. People probably thought we were nuts. Or at the very least, in the way. But it was like a mini-c0n, there by the farmed Atlantic salmon and the sushi-grade tuna. Which shows that with writers, the business is never far from their minds.


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