So Sarah Palin says that as a tough hockey mom she is uniquely qualified to run as Republican vice presidential candidate.

 Really. Well … I’m a hockey mom and I know hockey moms and for the most part — we’re okay. We hang out and watch our kids play and cheer them on, etc. But I think she’s identifying with the worst of the hockey mom crowd. So let me tell you about “those” hockey moms.

 Does she mean the ones who laugh at the other teams who are outmanned in a tournament? Those hockey moms? I’ve sat next to those moms.

 The ones who scream vitriolic obscenities at a ref for giving their kid a penalty? Yeah, that’s the kind of statesmanship I want in a potential leader of the free world.

My favorite was the hockey mom who supported her son for attacking the opposing team’s coach. Who was just trying to hold off an out-of-control thug from attacking his players.

Or, and this is a good one, the one who actually hit someone else’s kid during a pickup game at a rink.

Don’t get me wrong — it’s a fun sport, and it is fun to get into it and passions run high. But I can tell you I’ve seen the Sarah Palins of the hockey world and they are ugly ugly people. The fact that she has no idea, that she would think it’s funny to identify herself as a “pitbull with lipstick” means that she can’t possibly know what kind of ugliness she is perpetuating in the sport, which has already seen plenty of bad press (at least a hockey mom hasn’t killed anyone — yet).

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