Joe’s never been much on sticking around, and he can’t understand what keeps him at Hunters Chase. It’s not the scenery, that’s for sure:

He had never grown used to the woods. Nothing like them in Texas, and sometimes he felt like they were watching him. He’d be at work in the fields or even behind the main barn, and have to look over his shoulder constantly. God’s earth, my ass, he thought, dropping the ramp with a muffled scrape. That’s what people round here said the name for the woods came from. Maybe, like everything else, God was different in Texas too.

When Lynn disappears, and then Kate, Joe has to find them. The problem is, the more he investigates, the more he puts himself at risk.

Autumn was coming and with it came the call he was half-expecting, half-dreading. Time to go? it whispered, and for the first time he heard the question in it. Could he leave, not knowing what happened to her? He let his gaze go to the white curtains in the little apartment over the barn. He wasn’t stupid – he knew the police suspected him.

 Joe knows he’s in trouble. He just doesn’t know how much trouble he’s in.

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