When Lynn disappears and everyone thinks she has stolen the champion showhorse, Dungiven, Kate is outraged on her behalf. She impulsively rides off in search of Lynn. But the trails in Gordath Wood have become treacherous, and Kate becomes embroiled in her own adventure. She has to dig deep for strength and courage and to make her own destiny.

She huddled against the rough planks and waited, tense and frightened, and once again pricked by anger. She couldn’t afford the luxury of weakness. She missed her parents, her home, her horse, she even missed herself, the old Kate who loved horses, dreamed about boys, and lived for her solitude. That Kate could not help her now. Tears welled in her eyes even as she scolded herself. Get a grip.

She bit her lip against her fear until she tasted blood in her mouth. Kate allowed herself one last thought of home, and waited.

But her resourcefulness becomes her salvation, and even in her darkest days, there’s hope.

“Hey, it’s the girl,” someone called out from a group by a small flickering fire. “Hey, stranger girl.”

Kate turned warily. “What?” God, Kate, don’t stop and talk to him!

The man got up, limping. “We heard what you did,” he said. “Helping the doctor. That was well done.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

He turned and gestured back at the group. “Come and have a drink by the fire.”

Kate hesitated. “Oh,” she said again. She shook her head. “No. I mean, thanks and all, but I can’t.”

“Leave her be, Fallon,” someone said, his voice gruff. “Girl’s busy.”

“Thanks again,” Kate said, not wanting to hurt his feelings. “I was glad to help.”

She hurried off, turning over his words. That was well done. The words cut through her constant despair, warming her a little.

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