I was pretty busy Saturday. Three panels: on fantasy trends, in which we discussed the pros and the pitfalls of the increasing subgenre-ization of fantasy. On cross genre fiction, ably moderated by Kimm Antell. And post-apocalyptic fiction and dystopia with S.M. Stirling. The latter devolved into a how to survive any apocalypse and prepped culture but eventually we got it back on the topic of literature.

In between my panels I went to a presentation on Pluto, the future of NASA, and near earth astronauts, a reading by Bill Ledbetter, a reading by Michelle Muenzler and maybe more. Con brain I haz it.

Jenny Hanniver organized a pizza and beer party and clown candy (I can’t even explain) and we talked movies and genre into the evening, carried the conversation up to the party hall, and finished out the evening downstairs talking of much the same, as well as community news and politicking. And Lovecraft because if you aren’t talking about Cthluhu at midnight at a con, he rises from the deeps.

That last sentence is a bit metast night I admitted that I don’t get the Lovecraft love, and A. Lee Martinez said that a lot of people don’t really get it but just like all the trappings, like the little plush Cthulu toys, and saying shoggoths, which is exactly what I just did in the previous paragraph.

I do remember the evening ending in tears of laughter on my part, so if that’s what Lovecraft meant by eldritch horror, I’ll take it.

See? I can’t stop.

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