Took A and a friend to The Day the Earth Stood Still yesterday. Eh. Not good.

I didn’t think the blog was going to go dark over the holidays but I got so busy I didn’t have time to post (or write). I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. The house is a wreck so my chores for today will be dealing with that. I finally got a chance to write on the new project, and laid down about five pages, and so finished out the day with a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

 Also yesterday Lily the dog and I went for a walk on our favorite trail, the Bull Creek Hike n Bike trail. It was busy with walkers and dogs. The trail permits dogs off-leash, so Lily got to trot and gallop ahead and plunge into the creek and in general revel in a certain amount of freedom. She usually comes when called and is good with other dogs. But she really does have to get a bath soon, and that might also be on the day’s agenda.

Tomorrow I go back to work, which means back to a somewhat regular schedule, and back to posting here (and writing). Schedules are boring but having one is the only way I can get anything done.


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