Keeping readers up past their bedtime since 2008.

Keeping readers up past their bedtime since 2008.

I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic for the world of Gordath Wood and the characters I have lived with for so long. This small excerpt of Colar Terrick in North Salem brought me back in a good way. I still have stories to tell about the gordath, but it has gone on the back burner while I work on new projects.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of what it was like for Colar in North Salem, before he and Kate return to Aeritan in The Crow God’s Girl.

“Yo, white boy! You just gonna stand there or you gonna play?”

Colar started. He’d been watching the black kids play a fluid, fast game of basketball, and kind of forgot where he was. The kid who hollered at him bounced the ball impatiently, waiting.

He knew he shouldn’t play. He didn’t know how, his wounds were still healing, and the surgeon had told him not to exert himself too much or he could pull stitches, or start bleeding again. He reminded Colar he had to take out his spleen, and Colar nodded, not even knowing what a spleen was. He nodded a lot since crossing the gordath.

But he knew more than anything that if he walked away from the basketball court, he’d end up walking away from everything. Soldier’s god, be by my side he thought, as he loped over.

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