I knew I was in trouble when halfway through the recipe I saw the state of my kitchen. Beet juice was splattered everywhere and the sauted apples in their bowl were precariously close to falling off a counter crowded with cutting board, strainers, and food processor attachments.

 No recipe was worth this.

I got the recipe from Sunday’s Parade, and it looked great. Plus, I am a fan of Sheila Lukins — the cookbook she cowrote, The Silver Palate, used to be one of my go-to books. Nowadays I use it for the fabulous Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, but that’s all, because a lot of the recipes are really ornate and we don’t eat or cook like that anymore. I read somewhere that was the ’80s style of cooking, whereas nowadays people are more about simple.

And that should have been my hint. Because Lukins apparently is still of the “the more steps the better” school of cooking, where the processes are many and complex. Her beet soup was not meant for a weeknight.

And the output was just okay. The soup was fine, nothing great. I’ll take some to work for my lunch, and maybe I’ll run to the store and get some crescent dough and make pieroshkies for another dinner.

But seriously, it looked like somebody was murdered in here before I got it all cleaned up.


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