This just in: a new review of Gordath Wood from All About Romance. Here’s an excerpt:

The book truly excels when the focus is on Kate. Kate has led a sheltered life and watching her grow in skill and confidence among the people of the new realm in which she finds herself makes for an interesting story. Though Kate has her adventures in an obviously fantastic world, they somehow feel real and the reader can believe that a New York teenager somehow found her way into a Medieval-level army at war in a wood somehow parallel to the one she knew back home.

I wish I could say that reviews don’t affect me but I would be lying. I love good reviews, I am crushed by bad ones. I also know it would hardly be fair of me to give negative criticism of the books I read and then whine about bad reviews in turn. At least people are reading and talking about Gordath Wood. 

I figure my job is to provide my readers with a good experience and I take that very seriously. So when readers come back with negative criticism I try to look at it objectively despite the sting. And yes, there are some criticisms that are just off the wall — not gonna say which ones! I can’t please everybody and I like to think that I am mature enough not to try.

Well, it’s a goal, anyway.


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