I will be arriving late to ConDFW on Friday night and have a pretty full schedule beginning on Saturday. I’m looking forward to it — see you there!

Saturday, 12pm: This Book Should Be A Movie!
Panelists: Patrice Sarath (M), Sabine Starr, Chris Donahue, Angeline Hawkes, Paul Black.
Ever read a book and the universe just fades from around you? Ever read a book and wish you could watch it on IMAX with a bucket of popcorn? We put a bunch of authors behind a table and get them discussing just why their book would make a great series or movie. This could get ugly, so bring popcorn.

Saturday, 3pm: Q&A with Rachel Manija Brown
Panelists: Patrice Sarath (M), Rachel Manija Brown
We put our Guest of Honor to the question!

Saturday, 6pm: Rie Sheridan Rose, Patrice Sarath

Saturday, 9pm: Pornography vs Erotica – You Got Erotic Romance in My SF! [Adult]
Panelists: Melanie Fletcher (M), Rachel Manija Brown, Bradley H. Sinor, J. Kathleen Cheney, Patrice Sarath.
Our popular late night panel returns with a twist! With the explosion of erotic romance’s popularity, a lot of SF/fantasy writers are now taking a crack at the genre. Come hear these crossover writers discuss their experiences. Warning, this may be spicy, and is definitely adults only!

Sunday, 11am: No Excuses!
Panelists: Patrice Sarath (M), Paul Black, Aaron de Orive, Katherine Sanger, Sue Sinor
Here’s your chance to get out of writer’s block. Tell the panelists your reasons and excuses for NOT writing, and we’ll tell you how to ignore them and get unblocked! Be prepared to participate.

Sunday, 1pm: Escape from the Slush Pile
Panelists: Chris Donahue (M), Tex Thompson, Patrice Sarath, Michelle Muenzler, Julia S. Mandala,Katherine Turski
The perennial panel returns as we tantalize people with mistakes and errors you should try to avoid. Beware: someday you may end up here if you do not learn from your mistakes. Come and learn from our editors what to avoid so you don’t end up on – the slush pile.


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