13 July 2009 ~ 3 Comments

A room of her own — slavish article on writer’s den

The New York Times’ article on author Roxana Robinson’s writing office is typical of the New York Times — over-the-top breathless. The photo is to die for. The room is a sparsely furnished, sparsely decorated bedroom. Robinson sits on the bed and types away at her laptop, and one can imagine that she never even […]

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19 May 2009 ~ 0 Comments

The writing life — in which I receive correspondence at work

Words: 1,800, Total: 60,800! Music: Lucinda Williams, Essence Email conversation between my friend V and me: Vanita: [sends picture of guy with amazingly unattractive yet obviously lovingly attended facial hair) Me: But….why? Just answer me that and I can die happy. Vanita: I can NEVER figure out why some guys do that crap. We were talking […]

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23 April 2009 ~ 2 Comments

Broke 46,000 words

Words: kind of lost track, but I think about 1,500. I forgot to mark the starting number and there was some infill. Music: Silence is the new ritual. Or maybe it was the whirring of the dryer (my office is in the pantry/laundry room). It’s rhythmic and undemanding.  Yeah, seriously, maybe what this means is […]

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