The new ultraviolence (and also, Stina Leicht’s new book)

Tonight at the Cactus Cafe: Fascinating discussion on the grisly violence of the Mexico drug wars, as perpetrated by the Zetas, and how it may have been inspired by the gruesome violence perpetrated by Al Qaida operatives in Iraq. John Burnett and Lawrence Wright are two of my favorite reporters and writers.The topic was uncomfortable and enlightening. Interesting that John Burnett used the term “ultraviolence” without even a hint of irony. Life, imitating art, and making it much much worse than originally conceived.

Views & Brews: The New Pornography of Violence

Then on a more cheerful note, hopped over to BookPeople for Stina Leicht’s signing for And Blue Skies from Pain, the follow up to Of Blood and Honey. I’m looking forward to more Liam. Then again, with Stina’s books about the Troubles, maybe the evening had a theme to it.

I have some good news coming up about the next book in the Gordath Wood series, and can’t wait to tell you! But all in good time…

2012 Appearances

Here are some upcoming events:



Event name:  Romance Readers Social

Time:  1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Date:   Saturday, February 25

Description:  Meet local romance authors April Kihlstrom, Jane Myers Perrine, and Patrice Sarath at the library’s annual Romance Readers Social. Enjoy refreshments and bring your old romance paperbacks for a book swap.

Location:  Pflugerville Community Library

Street address:  102 S. 10th Street, Pflugerville

Phone:  512-251-9185

Cost:  N/A



March 10 (date and time tentative; more details as they come in)

Houston Town & Country Barnes & Noble: with Jennifer Ziegler and Alyssa Goodnight.

Expect lots of fun and a good time. Alyssa Goodnight is the author of Austentatious, which comes out any second now and looks like so much fun I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy (January 31 is the official date), and Unladylike Pursuits, which also looks like a romp (come on — highwaymen? an arranged marriage? I am so there).

Jennifer Ziegler is the author of Sass & Serendipity and several other young adult and children’s novels. Join us!


May 19 (details to come)

BookPeople: Austen in Austin! The three Musketeers (Alyssa, Jenny, and me) join forces again at Austin’s own BookPeople for Jane, more Jane, and still more Jane. There will no doubt be Pride, Persuasion, and Sensibility.


News and links

We celebrate with the fancy teapot when the new book comes in the mail.

I just got my copy of the US edition of The Unexpected Miss Bennet — and my editor is right, it does look better in person! There is nothing like holding one’s own book, and I got to experience that twice this year.Whee!

I would have pictures except that my camera’s battery died. No problem — I’ll just put in the spare … oh yeah, the spare that I didn’t charge. So, pics tomorrow, promise, after the battery charges up.

For now, Vicariously Jane Austen has an interview up with me.

Here’s an excerpt:

Carolyn: What intrigues you about Jane Austen?

Patrice: Her genius as a novelist puts her on the same level as Shakespeare, yet she is absolutely unpretentious and accessible. Six books, all of them some of the best writing in the English language. Plus, she’s funny, and timeless and her characters are recognizable.

Remember, December 6 is the pub date for The Unexpected Miss Bennet, just in time for Christmas or Hannukah. You can pre-order online or at your favorite bookstore. My favorite bookstore just happens to be the lovely BookPeople in Austin, Texas.