With the holiday shopping season upon us, here’s the only last-minute gift-giving guide you’ll need for the book-lovers in your life. Audio, e-books, and a bonus short story included!

The Unexpected Miss Bennet

Mary Bennet from Pride & Prejudice

For the Jane Austen fan in your life. They’ve read every sequel and watched every movie and they love all things Austen. So get them The Unexpected Miss Bennet, the sequel they probably haven’t read, because it just hasn’t broken out the way some of the other sequels have. Mary Bennet gets her own story, y’all. The fans of The Unexpected Miss Bennet have spoken. I’ve linked here to the audio version, because the narrator is to die for, and the print edition is a lovely gift as well.

The Sisters Mederos and Fog Season

The Sisters Mederos and Fog Season, aka the Tales of Port Saint Frey, are what happens when a Jane Austen fan who also loves fantasy combines her two loves into books of action, adventure, nefarious housemaids, and a dead guy in a dumbwaiter. Your bookish friends will love to curl up with a cup of tea on a long dark winter’s night with these books.

Bonus: If you like these stories, pick up a copy of ParSec Magazine, in which my short story, “Theo Ballinchard and the Oranges of Possibility” relates the origin story of the distaff side of the Mederos family. Hint: They’ve always been a bit shady. But the best families always are, dear.

The Books of the Gordath

Ah, Gordath Wood, Red Gold Bridge, and The Crow God’s Girl. My portal fantasies with horses are still making fans. I’ve had people write that they stayed up way too late reading just one more chapter, which makes a writer’s heart glow. These fantasies are just the thing for the reader who wants to escape into another world. And what reader doesn’t want that?

So there you have it. A quick and easy (and painless!) gift guide to the books that the reader in your life has probably not read but that will make them very happy. Happy holidays from Texas and stay safe and warm!


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