When I wrote Gordath Wood, I wanted to immerse readers in the same kind of fantasy worlds that I loved. Worlds of magic (although I don’t “do” fancy magic), adventure, sword fighting heroes and romance and horses. I wanted to make a combination of Middle Earth and The Three Musketeers. Sound familiar? Of course it does. And it’s not just me. Take a look the fantasy shows like Shadow and Bone, and you’ll see a hunger for exactly the kind of fantasy that Gordath Wood is.

So here’s why Gordath Wood should be one of those series.

  1. We Love Portal Stories  

Immersive fantasy is all about dropping the reader into the story. In a portal story, the main characters are the reader’s proxy. Readers identify with Lynn and Kate as they ride through the gordath into Aeritan and are plunged into a world of magic, intrigue, and peril.

I repeat: They ride horses through the forest into a fantasy world.

2. Best Strong Female Heroines

Lynn and Kate – and the other women in the series, like Lady Jessamy and Mrs. Hunt, don’t just sit back and wait to be rescued. They save themselves, and they make the plot turn. One of the most fun things about writing Lynn and Kate was to watch them uncover their strengths and at the same time, stay true to who they are. And yeah, there’s romance. It’s what I do.

3. Best Strong Male Characters

Captain Crae. Joe Felz. Colar of Terrick. There’s no doubt about it – Gordath Wood is Lynn and Kate’s story, but these guys have plenty to do. There’s a war on, and they have to save their world. And Joe, ah Joe. He never gives up on Lynn, not once, and by the end of Gordath Wood, his life – and everything he’s been running away from – is changed forever on a bloddy battlefield in a snowy forest.

Note: I’ve heard from readers that they are either Team Crae or Team Joe. A new audience would get a chance to choose their favorite.

4. Fantasy Horses

Horse girls love them some horses in fantasy. When I re-read The Lord of the Rings, as I do pretty often, I love when the horses show up. Bill the pony, Shadowfax. Hasufel and Arod. Viewers will love Dungiven and Mojo, whose show name is Mojo a Go Go. I can’t wait to see the horses that will portray them on screen.

5. The Danger of the Portal

The magic that drives Gordath Wood is portal magic. There’s a door between worlds, but it’s a dangerous door. It’s sentient and evil, and if it’s awakened too much, well, it gets hungry. When Lynn and Kate get stuck on the other side of the gordath in Aeritan, they are facing not just war but the destruction of two worlds. Only guardians can control the gordath. And the problem is, one is missing.

6. Women Love Romance, Fantasy, and Television

These two stats are why Gordath Wood will be a big hit. It’s got women protagonists, it’s got horses, and it combines adventure and romance. Most importantly, with a women-centered story, the tropes that made women turn away from Game of Thrones don’t exist.

7. I’ve Written the Pilot

If you want something to happen, you have to do it yourself. I’m not ready to share it, but when it’s time, I’ll make the pilot available. It’s different from the book, as all good adaptations must be, and I’ve taken the opportunity to make some changes that update the story for a modern audience. But there are still Lynn and Kate, fighting and prevailing to change the world. There’s still the gordath magic, and the danger of an out-of-control portal that threatens our world and Aeritan. There’s still magic and romance.

There are still horses. There will always be horses.

Let’s watch together.

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A3 · April 30, 2021 at 7:04 pm

This is something I would love to see!!

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