Here are a few kind words that reviewers and readers have said about The Unexpected Miss Bennet.


From a commenter on Lauren Willig’s blog:

I’m reading a new release through for the second time for the pure joy of it: The Unexpected Miss Bennet by Patrice Sarath. It is one of the very BEST P & P sequels I have ever read and my review will be posted on Nov 30th on a neighboring website. The author has created an unlikely hero much like our loveable Turnip!

(Note: Turnip refers to Lauren Willig’s novel “The Mischief of the Mistletoe,” and she writes more about him in “A Very Turnip Wedding,” and yes, Mr. Aikens is like Turnip. All hail the nice guy, y’all. Sexier than any alpha male out there.)


From Five Minutes for Books:


I enjoyed following along as Patrice Sarath developed Mary into an accomplished young woman. I appreciated that most of the characters from Pride and Prejudice appeared in the tale, some with more prominent roles, and I thought the new characters added to the appeal as well.

The weather is colder–it is the perfect time to snuggle with a good book. The Unexpected Miss Bennet is a wonderful choice, and it would make a great gift for an Austen fan.


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