Jane liked pie too, I am certain of it.

Jane liked pie too, I am certain of it.

The worst thing writers can do is get caught up in the comparison trap with regards to our lives and our careers. I catch myself doing it too much, slotting myself into place between this writer and that writer, and seeing — always — where I come up short.

So today, on this writer’s Thanksgiving, I’m going to accept my current frustrations, count my writerly blessings and set some aspirations.

  • I am always frustrated by the lack of time to write.

Today, I will not squander the writing time I do have, and will try not squander it tomorrow either.

  • I am feeling under the weather and sorry for myself.

Today, I will remain positive and remind myself everyone gets sick and it’s not a moral failing.

  • I suffer from self-doubt and frustration at how my career is going.

Today I will just write, taking care to work hard on plot, characterization, dialog, and setting and try not to look at each word as a career killer 0r career-maker.

  • I’m sad because I wanted to cook Thanksgiving for my family, but instead — points up — sick.

Today I will write words and eat pie.



A3 · November 28, 2013 at 11:21 pm

I think such comparisons are part of the human condition … there’s always someone richer, smarter, more successful, etc. The question is how to deal with it. Maybe something to work into a story?

Being sick stinks. Maybe something else to work into a story? Hmm … someone being jealous of someone else because they’re sicker? Or just a story where Patrice feels better. I hope you feel better soon!

Writing words and eating pie sounds like a great day. I hope you ended up having a Happy Thanksgiving!

Patrice Sarath · November 29, 2013 at 9:04 am

Thanks! I feel much better. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving too. We have both kids home for the weekend, and it’s so nice and comfy.

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