Strider in profile. What a noble head.

My friend Michelle invited me out to visit her horse, Strider, a stunning half-Arabian, half-Andalusian gelding. Strider is a pip. He’s young and spirited, and Michelle has her work cut out for her, but oh my goodness, he knows how to work and he is so willing (once he gets his ya-yas out) that you can tell he is going to settle into a really good horse.

On the lunge line. Such a pretty mover.

When we got out to the farm where Strider lives, the wind was blowing so hard, as you can see from the pictures, that Strider was pretty lively. Most horses do get that way when the wind is high. Michelle had to run him in the round pen for a while before he could settle down. He was pretty much a goosehead for a while, and then she got on him and he settled right down. I found that remarkable. We were riding bareback, and he totally just calmed down and listened to her. I believe there is not a mean bone in that horse’s body.

Michelle and Strider. This is the cutest photo ever.

He was lovely to watch move, as you can see from the photos.


A girl and her horse.

Strider with me up. I haven't ridden bareback in forever!

So this was my Sunday, along with buying groceries and making carrot cake cupcakes from The Silver Palate Cookbook. Pasta primavera and salmon filets for dinner, and then Upstairs Downstairs!


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