Best lines of the 2013 WorldCon in San Antonio. Bonus if you can match the speaker to the quote.

    • “I for one want a thorough pressure check before I open a door.”
    • “Any sufficiently reliable magic becomes technology.”
    • “Honey, it’s like the convention of misfit toys.”
    • “And then I woke up and I was hosting the Hugos.”
    • “Great Norman Spinrad on a scooter!”
    • “It looks like The Last Supper up there!”
    • “If I had known all I had to do to get one of these was to quit the job and not show up at the ceremony, I would have done it a lot sooner.”
    • “This is a nice stage. I like this stage.”
    • “Do you know why I’m a better writer than you? I have more fillings.”

Other contributions:

  • “Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait…” (thanks to Lawrence Person)
  • “Speaker 1: We met [author’s name redacted] for lunch and decided to form a cabal. Speaker 2: that sounds like a fine idea. Speaker 1: it was, until [publisher’s name redacted] started to tell everyone about it. [Publisher’s name redacted]: I can tell who I want, it was my idea. Speaker 1: no you can’t. Speaker 2: Isn’t the point of a cabal that its membership is supposed to be secret? Speaker 1: yes, which is why we now have to take out [publisher’s name redacted]. hey want to be part of our cabal? We’re soon going to be short one person. Speaker 2: absolutely. And unlike [publisher’s name redacted] I know how to keep a secret.” (Courtesy of Renee Babcock)
  • “Don’t witness to the cops!” (from Adrian Simmons)
  • “Uggh…he got penis metaphor all over this microphone!” (overheard, contributor wishes to remain anonymous)
  • “I never eat those screen-printed cakes. Tooth stains.” (from Adrian again)

Feel free to add your own in the comments.




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