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I was sidetracked by the American Experience documentary on the Native Americans, starting with the Pilgrims vs. the Wampoag. Then I got ready to write, but family intervened and I chatted with my dear sister-in-law for close to an hour. Great conversation, but there went that.

Earlier I sat in on A’s cello lesson. His teacher was away in China for six weeks, and just got back last week. She commented that he’s grown since she’s been away, and I think she’s right. He’s been using a three-quarter size cello that is now officially too small for him. We’ll upgrade him to a full-size instrument this summer.

I’ve been reading Paul Kearney’s The Ten Thousand, and it’s really good. I think Kearney and I read the same books on military history and strategy. I had a jolt of recognition in this one scene about a character ascending stairs that were hard to walk up but just right for a horse to travel with ease — not exactly my stairs at Trieve, but close enough.

But reading the Ten Thousand after The Steel Remains, I think my tolerance for machismo is on the wane. I need to read something that is slightly less butch. I wonder if this is why I’m writing a romance now? This seems to be part and parcel with the streak of movies that I wrote about the other day. It might be time for a double bill of The Devil Wears Prada and any of the Jane Austen oevre. Not the zombie one — as much as I am looking forward to reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, it is my reward for finishing the first draft on the new work. It will have to wait til then.


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