plum blossomSpring has come to Austin. The plum (or peach, but I think it’s plum and it never bears fruit anyway) is resplendent. I am going to sound like Anne of Green Gables, but it’s like the tree is wearing her finest raiment. If I were 12 and an orphan, I’d name her something like Persephone Mirabilus.

But only if I were 12. And an orphan.

This is SXSW week, and I’m not doing nothing that involves going downtown and mingling. I did go to Austin Homebrew‘s Grand Opening and got free beer and made friends and met friends and heard my friends’ band The Happy Campers play and that was pretty much it.

I pretend and say, yeah, I’ll go downtown one of these years, but the thought of actually doing it makes me anxious.

I’d rather take pictures of Persephone Mirabilus.persephone mirabilus

The weather is unbelievable. This is why we suffer through 100-degree days in the summer. Spring in Texas is like autumn in New England.

Tomorrow I get to ride! I need to take more pictures of the horses.

The book signing at Hastings was lovely, by the way. If you are in Central Texas, you should visit that store. Great people, and although it was slow, I sold a few copies of Red Gold Bridge and Gordath Wood and I hope made a few fans. And they want me back, so that’s cool.


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