And we saw Twilight with her friend R.

It’s good to have her back. The bedroom is filled with her stuff; she showed us her new hockey gear that, as she said, the nuns paid for, and the computer, the phone, etc., have all been taken up with the usual communications. Speaking of phones, if anyone knows where I left mine, let me know. It’s dead, so I can’t call it, and I don’t know where I left it last. Grrr…

Anyway, Twilight. It sure was pretty. It was faithful to the book while making sense of some of the wilder tangents (the later Harry Potter adaptations have had to do that as well). I like the way Catherine Hardiwicke directs — her movies are visually intriguing and it’s clear that she gets teens.

There was one scene that made me raise my eyebrows — was Hardiwicke or the cinematographer channelling Kurosawa? The two young lovers are on the verge of kissing and then the camera pans up into the trees and whirls around in the sky a bit, exactly like in Rashomon when the young woman is raped. What a funny homage if so. Funny strange, not funny ha ha.

So K is back home, A has a cold and had to miss the school concert, dagnabbit, it’s freezing out and getting colder (as K said, “wait…it snowed in Austin?!”), I never did get the dog washed before the cold snap so she’s somewhat ripe, and all in all, everything is all right with the world.

I still think Favreau is a big fat jerk.


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