I’ve an interview up at Jane Austen Prequels and Sequels. If you would like to know more about my thoughts on Austen and her work, please visit!

1) Your own favorite Austen character and why?

Patrice:   My favorite Austen character changes with the book I’ve read most recently, so currently it’s Emma Woodhouse. She’s very young and very meddlesome, but girls like her are so common nowadays. They are the leaders and sometimes the mean girls in high school, and they are the very opinionated young mothers at play group and who volunteer at the schools. But she is also good-hearted and loves her father very much. Emma is so timeless. Austen really knew her stuff when she drew her characters.


2) Your favorite Austen book.

Patrice:     Persuasion. I think Austen had fully come into her writing powers at that point and what a tragedy that she died so young. I love and will always love Pride and Prejudice, but I think Persuasion is a better book. She captures family dynamics with a keen eye and sharp wit, and much like Emma, it’s so modern.


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