In general a writer needs only one New Year’s resolution:

Sit down and write on a regular schedule.

Ah, were it that easy…

Here are a few others. A lot are for short story writers, since most of us start out that way before moving on to novels.


Finish X number of short stories for the year.

Send out at least one story a month. Or, keep stories in circulation.

Research Ralan or other market lists for new markets.

 Find and join a critique group, whether that is online such as Critters or the Baen’s Bar one, or local.

Write X number of words a day. Jim Van Pelt, short story writer extraordinaire, says that if you write 250 words per day, at the end of the year you will have a novel. And everyone can write 250 words per day. Really. You totally can. Try it. You’ll see. This also leads into the next resolution:

Give myself permission to suck.

And the most important resolution of all:

Uninstall freecell from my computer.


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