Just add a horse.

The Houston Writers Guild conference was a great experience. I taught the workshop on worldbuilding that I taught in Austin in February and I think it went well. I felt more disorganized than the first time, but the attendees asked good pertinent questions and I think they got good stuff out of it. If you took either worldbuilding course, let me know if it was helpful for you.

Hung out with the writer John Oehler in the bar (PS. John, I started Aphrodesia and I’m really liking it), sold a few books, ate dinner with the other attendees, and then took a walk around the Sugar Land town square enjoying the beautiful weather and people watching.

Saturday morning I went to half of Tom Vaughan’s workshop on screenplays and story structure and I was taking notes like mad. I couldn’t stay for the whole thing because I had to be back, but it was so worth it. If you have a chance to ever take one of his workshops, do so. The structure stuff is STORY, not screenplay-specific, although he approached it from the screenplay vantage point.

I was riveted.

I was so glad to be home, not just to see the family but because the huge box in the living room indicated that my saddle arrived! I found this on saddlesonline.com and bought it on a whim. The offer was too good to be true — saddle, bridle, stirrup leathers, girth, reins — seriously, what? All for $150?

Turns out the saddle is made in India (as Ben said, of what? I know, right? But I guess that Muslims would be able to work in cow leather?) and the workmanship looks good, but what do I know? I’ll bring it in to the stable tomorrow and have the experts look at it.

Oh, and it was a day for horse stuff, because I stopped off in South Texas Tack near Brenham and I bought a halter.

All I need now is a horse to fill all of these things.


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