My family went to the RenFaire in McDade today and had a blast. The last time we went to a Renaissance Festival was years ago, when our son went during elementary school. That was about six years ago. It’s been too long!

This was a good ‘un. I love RenFaires. It’s such cheerful nonsense. People make no attempt to be historically accurate. Fetishes are on display. (The Furries! The Furries!) Lots of alarming bosoms. And there are plenty of fairies and knights and people just playing at dressup in a mishmash of styles. The food isn’t bad, although it’s overpriced of course, but it’s part of the entertainment.

We wandered around and took pictures and had a great day. We saw one of the jousting episodes, and it was pretty cool. The black horse was obviously not happy with the whole concept and gave her knight a lot of trouble. This just emphasizes the fact that warhorses were highly trained back then. They had to be — a knight’s life depended upon it. It also reminded me of The Once and Future King, which has a scene in which the Wart learns how to joust against a quintain. You hold the lance loosely as your horse thunders down the joustway (hee) and then just before contact you grip hard and lean into it.


The cast parade. All in good fun.

This guy was really cool.

Roosterman cracked me up. How can you just go around with a chicken on your head?



So Will Scarlett was being hanged, and Robin came to save him; I think this guy was just one of the Merry Men.

The black horse was giving her rider a ton of trouble throughout the whole jousting episode. I thought it just added verisimilitude. Jousting is hard, scary work for a horse.



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