We celebrate with the fancy teapot when the new book comes in the mail.

I just got my copy of the US edition of The Unexpected Miss Bennet — and my editor is right, it does look better in person! There is nothing like holding one’s own book, and I got to experience that twice this year.Whee!

I would have pictures except that my camera’s battery died. No problem — I’ll just put in the spare … oh yeah, the spare that I didn’t charge. So, pics tomorrow, promise, after the battery charges up.

For now, Vicariously Jane Austen has an interview up with me.

Here’s an excerpt:

Carolyn: What intrigues you about Jane Austen?

Patrice: Her genius as a novelist puts her on the same level as Shakespeare, yet she is absolutely unpretentious and accessible. Six books, all of them some of the best writing in the English language. Plus, she’s funny, and timeless and her characters are recognizable.

Remember, December 6 is the pub date for The Unexpected Miss Bennet, just in time for Christmas or Hannukah. You can pre-order online or at your favorite bookstore. My favorite bookstore just happens to be the lovely BookPeople in Austin, Texas.


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