I just participated in a whirlwind Twitter chat organized by Austenesque. I met loads of wonderful Austen fans and fellow authors, and now have a wishlist of books a half-dozen books long(er).

Thanks to all the fans for their great questions and comments. That was fun. It was like a big party where everyone is sitting around with their beverage of choice (mine would be a mojito) and just gabbing away.

We covered heroes, bad boys, the eternal appeal of Jane Austen’s novels, and way more. Favorite tweet by Emily CA Snyder:

In life, yes rakes do suck. For Regency novels, they’re invaluable.

She has a point.

If you are jonesing for some more Austenesque novels, here was the lineup for this week’s Twitter chat

Emily C.A. Snyder

Karen Doornebos

Lory Lilian (I don’t think she has a website but her books are Remembrance of the Past and Rainy Days, and she lives in Bucharest, which is totally cool!)

Shannon Winslow

Many thanks to Meredith Esparza for setting up the chat and all the other events going on at her website. It’s been wonderful fun, and I will be sure to drop in on the rest of the festivities. There are so many wonderful writers to learn about, and we’re all united in our love for all things Austen.

A note to readers from the US who are looking for The Unexpected Miss Bennet. Currently the edition is out in the UK, and it can be purchased through Amazon UK or The Book Depository, or directly from the publisher. I have links on the front page of my website for your convenience. The US edition comes out in December, just in time for Christmas presents! (hint). Thank you all for coming to visit, and please come back as I update my blog often with news and excerpts from all of my work.


Emily C. A. Snyder · August 14, 2011 at 8:32 pm

Likewise, Patrice! It was lovely to meet you. Love your blog and congrats on all your endeavours!

Patrice Sarath · August 14, 2011 at 9:21 pm

Thanks Emily. I am sure we will continue to cross paths in the Twitterverse!

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