I saw Star Trek today with my friend Renee. And it was fun. I need to see it again, because — and yes, I can’t go to the Alamo without having to rant about the Alamo. Look, I get it, I get that it’s cool, and they have food, but every time the server comes by it distracts me and that’s not how I want to see a movie. So I will see it again at a less hip theater and they will let me alone to watch the movie in peace.

It was fun. I said that. But it was. I have a confession to make — I had such a crush on Chekov when I was 11 or 12, which is the prime age for such crushes. The nonthreatening male — David Cassidy, Sean Cassidy, now Zac Ephron — the whole purpose of such a creature is for tweens to moon about. So when we first see Chekov I was all, “awwwwww!” There’s a new Chekov for a new generation of tweens to moon about! Cool. And his accent might have been authentic. Or at least, he comes by it honestly.

And I met Walter Koenig at a Star Trek convention when I was pregnant with K and was due in about 4 weeks. We — K and IĀ  — were at the end of a very long autograph line and Walter Koenig looked about as tired as I felt. He’d been signing autographs for hours. But he was nice and asked when I was due and I think I still have that autograph somewhere. And K is 19 so that was a long time ago.

(When I was 15 I transferred my affections to Han Solo, thus making the leap from crushing on a nonthreatening pop idol to quintessential bad boy basically right on schedule.)

The movie made me all nostalgic for the good times the old Trek provided.


Nancy · May 17, 2009 at 10:29 am

I just saw it yesterday, and yes, I felt the same way! I think it’s pleased so many old Trek watchers because they preserved the essence of the show while updating. Ebert panned the movie, saying it didn’t take the characters anywhere new–but I’m not sure Star Trek was ever about character growth šŸ™‚

I think I’m going to have to see it again, I enjoyed the thing so much. Now, if only Terminator Salvation can follow through and give us a kick-ass movie too. Sigh. We’ll see—T3 was a huge disappointment (for me, at least).

Patrice Sarath · May 17, 2009 at 1:49 pm

The Ebert review is praising with faint damns, because of course the first Trek was hardly about complex characters. And yet the series managed to capture our imagination so that we built these three dimensional characters in our heads, and the new movie didn’t let us down.

I’m definitely going again. It was a fun rollicking movie.

I’m not sure I saw T3. I loved the first one of course, and the second one was fun. I think I didn’t want to break my streak. But I’ll see Salvation, because — well, just because. It looks like fun.

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