My alter ego is no Sasha Fierce, but sometimes I unleash my inner financial services analyst demon.

Here is the latest, for your enjoyment:

The subprime mortgage crisis — what Henry Blodget and Adam Gopnik get wrong

 More and more analysts are seeking to shift the blame to regular Americans for the woes brought down by the financial services industry. It’s hard to take Henry Blodget seriously, since he was banned from the securities business for life after touting tech stocks with the abandon of a drunken sailor on leave. And Adam Gopnik just needs to leave financial commentary to his colleague James Surowiecki. But if you get a chance, read the article from the New York Times referenced at the end of my rant, er, blog. It provides a cogent analysis of the crisis and the failures of the SEC and the ratings agencies, respectively.

Now it’s back to my mild-mannered persona as a fantasy-romance novelist.


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