I went to see a former coworker, Lee Simmons, play tonight at the Parish on 6th Street. The event was his band’s record release party, and it was held in conjunction with an organization called LinkAustin, which connects artists, filmmakers, and musicians for networking. There was an inspirational speaker beforehand to implore the crowd to learn how to sell their art, and not be afraid that they are selling out. I figured a writer could learn a few things about that too.

 Lee’s band was up next and I really enjoyed their music. What was fascinating was how the first song began so quietly and unobstrusively, and people were still chatting and networking, and then slowly the music got their attention, and the audience became attentive. It was a great moment.

 I can’t even complain about how downtown is so damn crowded even on a Tuesday night that parking was impossible. I did drive by the new light rail station, and I tell you, I can’t wait for it to go into service. There’s a station right in our neighborhood and it will be mighty convenient to leave the car at home and take the train downtown.


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