Spice. Is it just me, or does she look exactly like Mojo?

My husband and I drove out to Kingsland out past Marble Falls to look at a horse. It’s about a 90-minute drive outside Austin, and on a beautiful winter day (all the snow is gone and it was sunny, breezy, and about 70 degrees) it was a perfect day for a Texas country drive. Plus, in Marble Falls, there’s pie at the Blue  Bonnet Cafe. We picked up a peanut butter and a pecan pie. There’s always a reason for pie.

Spice under saddle with me.

Spice is about 8 years old, just about 15hh, a lovely quarter horse. But she’s very Western, which I am not, and fairly green, which I am too, and green horse, green rider, is a bad combination. She is super sweet though. Kayla, the young lady who showed her to us, put her through her paces and then I rode her at the walk and the trot. I didn’t want to canter because the stirrups were too long (even after being adjusted to their highest hole), and it looked as if she needed to be run into a canter as she still hadn’t had much practice with aids.

Did I mention she was sweet? Oh man, she was a nice horse. But notice in the pics how low she holds her head. I tried to encourage her to lift her head but it made her uncomfortable and I didn’t want to try to force her to do anything she didn’t want to. She would be a good Western pleasure horse, and she’s so quick on her feet she would make a good cutting horse. Neither of those things is anything I’m planning on doing, so I decided to pass.

Spice with Kayla. See how low Spice is holding her head.

But if you know someone looking for a young, willing, super eager to please quarter horse mare, let me know and I will pass you on to Kayla.

Side note: This was a great little farm. They had a pet muntjac and lemurs. Also a bison. Seriously, how many places do you know that have lemurs? I’ll put up pictures of those in the next post.

PS. Click on photos for a larger view.


Maria Ragucci · February 6, 2011 at 9:34 pm

So, Patrice, it’s for real; the horse will really happen? Pretty cool.
Loved the snow pics and prose;how amazing to have snow in Austin. My own love affair with this winter’s wild, rampant snow has come to an end. We had to have someone come and cart away several huge truckfulls of snow from in front of our house- no place to put it!

Patrice Sarath · February 7, 2011 at 11:03 pm

Okay, that is way too much snow! This winter has been crazy. Did Tom take pictures?

The horse will really happen, but I want to make sure I find the right one. This pretty little mare was so sweet, and all, but she is clearly a western horse, with the way she holds her head, and I just need a horse with more experience anyway. So I’ll keep looking.

maria ragucci · February 14, 2011 at 8:42 pm

If he did, I will have him send them.
This week it’s melting, I’m melting….

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