Okay, that was fun. Other people took pictures so I will post as I get ahold of them. At first B&N had me on the first floor front and center. But I had really wanted to do a reading so they moved me up to the mezzanine. Prior to the move (K and I got there about a half hour earlier) I was waiting and signed a few books for people who couldn’t wait for the signing.

 One was a young girl who picked up the book while we were waiting for the bookstore people to move the stock and the table upstairs. We talked and I learned that she loved horses, rode at Switch Willo, the barn about a couple of miles away, and loved mysteries too. She had to go find her mom to see if she could get the book, and mom said yes. Ashley, wherever you are, I hope you enjoy Gordath Wood!

Another was a woman who was from out of town and was leaving in a few minutes so didn’t have time for the booksigning so I of course signed a book right away. Ditto to you, miss!

 Then upstairs we went, I was introduced, and settled in to a reading. It went better than last time and I think I will stick to this selection, from Chapter 4.

 So the next stop is BookPeople, and I’m looking forward to that signing. It’s such a fantastic bookstore and I’m planning something special.

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