Author’s note: I got nostalgic for some of my old observations, so I’m replaying them this month. Yes, it’s June. But strong female characters never go out of style.

When I set about writing Gordath Wood, I wanted a strong main character who was realistic at the same time. Lynn Romano is the type of woman who is confident, good at her job and able to hold her own in the face of all kinds of adversity. In short, she’s my kind of strong female character. She’s not Buffy, or any of a legion of shape-shifting, ass-whupping, leather-wearing, tramp stamp sporting heroines that are out there kicking butt and taking names.

And don’t get me wrong — those ladies who launch enemies are great fun. But I wanted a realistic heroine, and Lynn came riding out of my subconscious on a great white horse and did her best to save the world.

If you like your heroines strong, sexy, realistic, and unstoppable, Lynn’s your woman.  She may not be the strongest, and she doesn’t have a magical power, but she has heart, faith, and endurance. She might get scared, but she doesn’t let that stop her.

And when it comes time to rescue the boyfriend she thought she left behind, well, back she goes to save him.

If you know someone who likes heroes and horses, what better gift for Christmas than Gordath Wood and Red Gold Bridge?


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