We drove to Houston for the book signing at the Town & Country Village Barnes & Noble through constant rain. Sometimes it was a torrential downpour. Sometimes it was just rain. And then it would be a torrential downpour again. Ah Texas weather. Even this much rain may not be a drought-buster, since it may not be falling on the reservoirs where it needs to. But everything is lush and green along Hwy 290, and there were a few bluebonnets along the highway.

The book signing was really wonderful. It was great to meet Alyssa Goodnight and Jennifer Ziegler after much correspondence and planning. As it happens, Jennifer and I are actually neighbors. Not in, we live in the same city kind of way, but in the “we live three or four blocks away from one another and our kids go to the same school and we have the same friends.” How it happened that we never crossed paths before I have no idea. Well, sort of – I’m an introvert.I think I need to reach out more. It did make me realize that there are probably lots more people in this neighborhood — a once working class and now funky, laid-back yet gentrifying enclave — who are creative types. Like, every other house even.

So on the way back we decide to stop in at the Brenham Saddle Shop in Brenham, to check out saddles. I know, I don’t have a horse yet, but I just wanted to check out saddles and prices. Imagine my surprise when we get in and they don’t actually sell saddles. Okay then. So we looked at the pretty boots and western wear and Ben wanted to check out the hats, and I looked one last time at the boots, and well…

So I had to bring them home. I was assured that I could ride in them but they are the most expensive pair of footwear I own, so probably not unless conditions are absolutely perfect. Damn, though — they look and feel great.

Oh, and I bought books too. Alyssa’s Austentatious and Jennifer’s Sass & Serendipity, and I’m looking forward to reading them.


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