I am so excited to announce that German publishing house Feder & Schwert will publish the German-language edition of The Sisters Mederos. This will be my first foreign language edition of all my books, and I am absolutely ecstatic.

This is one of those writer milestones that I am determined to enjoy. I don’t think it ever gets old for any author. I may have mentioned a time or two that I spent the last several years determined to jumpstart my writing career, and part of that is to enjoy every success.

  • The sales to Angry Robot Books.
  • The positive review in Publishers Weekly for The Sisters Mederos.
  • The Unexpected Miss Bennet earned out, so I’ve received two quarters’ worth of royalties so far.

It is human nature to always see the brass ring in the distance and to discount what we have. I was determined to enjoy every success along the way this time. To “want what I have,” as the saying goes. This doesn’t mean that I’m not ambitious. I am. Each book I write is my best book and I want the best for it.

But right now, I’ll enjoy the fact that Fog Season comes out next year and The Sisters Mederos will have a German edition.


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