I’m pleased to announce that SF Gateway is re-issuing my trilogy, The Books of the Gordath, in e-format, beginning in October. I’m so excited to make these stories of adventure available once more in new editions for new readers. You can read excerpts from each book below. See where the adventure began.

Gordath Wood

In Gordath Wood, Lynn Romano and Kate Mossland are plunged into a world of danger and intrigue far removed from the posh horse country of New York. They have to use their strength and common sense to survive in Aeritan, a country at war. But the greatest danger is what lurks in the woods.

In Red Gold Bridge, doors that have been opened are not so easy to close. Lynn and Kate have to return to the world of Aeritan to finish what they’ve started, and begin new lives.

In The Crow God’s Girl, Kate has to choose — independence over obedience, leadership over safety. With the aid of a strange girl, a band of brothers, and a new people seeking a homeland, Kate Mossland is no more, while the leader of the crows takes wing.

If you are ready to sink into an epic tale of adventure, fantasy, romance, and horses, the Gordath awaits.

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