Gordath Wood III — not a sequel but a new beginning

Saoirse Ronin -- don't you think she would be be great as Kate Mossland?
Saoirse Ronin -- don't you think she would be be great as Kate Mossland?

Progress on what I have been calling GWIII is continuing apace. In fact, I only hit a glitch last night when after writing a 1,500 word scene I went to bed, only to realize that the scene is probably redundant. This happens. I may cut it or rewrite, but I’m not too concerned. While writing Red Gold Bridge, I wrote so fast and furiously that I went off in too many wrong directions. In fact caromed is not too strong a word. I have a delete file of some 50,000 words, which is more than half the finished book.

That’s not happening this time, or at least not to as great an extent.

But going back to GWIII — it’s not the third book in a trilogy. This book is set in the same story-verse as its predecessors but I have taken a different tack. It’s the first book in what is likely to be a new duology. Gordath Wood and Red Gold Bridge are a complete series. This one restarts with some of the same characters.

It’s fun. It’s different. I’m enjoying it. And for now, during first draft time, that’s all that counts.

As for the blog fixes — there are still some 404s out there, leading to a This Site Are Closed message. Ugh. That hurts to read — thanks WordPress for your excellent grammar! — but please note I didn’t write it. Anyway, if you get that link, let me know. And just hit Home in the top bar nav and it will take you to the actual working part of the site. Thanks for your patience.

The week of writing — a wrapup

Almost out of the woods!
Almost out of the woods!

I took the week off from work to write and I have to say, it was hugely (okay, not hugely, say moderately successful.

As most writers know, the day job is essential for incidentials such as keeping a roof over one’s head, food on the table, things like that. However, I personally find that the less time I have to write, generally the more efficient I am about it. If I only have an hour each night, then I do tend to make the most of it.

But sometimes, ah, sometimes, an open week of writing can be utter bliss. And that’s how it was. Each day I wrote for about 3 hours, nearly twice as long as I usually am able to. What, you say? Not five or six, or even eight hours? No. I have found that writing that long wearies me out and then it’s hard to pick up the next day. And don’t be fooled by the eight-hour workday of most day jobs. There are few writers who can create for that long without being thoroughly whipped by the end of it. Most authors will only pull that kind of wordage when the deadline demon is after them.

The new project is complete, but I am going through editing according to my critiquers’ commentary.  It has come together so well, I think I will be sending it to my agent nearly a month ahead of schedule.

Woo-hoo! Very happy.

Writing progress and a question

Words: 920
Music: Albinoni, Bach, Elgar, Puccini, Myers, Chopin

So here’s a statement I posed on Facebook:

When all is said and done, Galaxy Quest is the best Star Trek movie ever.

Opinions? Some people thought that Wrath of Khan was the best movie. I think it was good, but it only had one good line (KHAAAAANNNNNNN!)

Whereas Galaxy Quest had so many.

“Is there air? You don’t know!”

“Why don’t you guys help me find my other shoe.” (more of a sight gag.)

And Sigourney Weaver’s spot-on ranting in the Chompers scene.

Anyway, what do you think?