06 August 2013 ~ 6 Comments

One writer, three lives

What is it like to be a writer of fantasy whose family isn’t into fantasy? Here’s how I do it. I sometimes envy the couples and families I meet at cons. When I go to cons, I go solitary. I meet my friends and fellow fans of course, so it’s not like I “wander lonely […]

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12 July 2011 ~ 2 Comments

The writing life — various and sundry

Well, let that be a lesson. When you suspect the computer is dying, trust your instincts. Granted, we ran MalwareBytes and it ran like a champ afterwards, and yeah, I thought that was the issue, but apparently not. The good news is that we rescued everything from the old hard drive and put it on […]

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17 April 2011 ~ 2 Comments

The new office — out of the pantry at last! (Soon.)

Under the category of life changes, I will soon have a new office. I’m conflicted though. So many books and short stories have been written in my little pantry, with the washer and dryer going behind me, and temptations in the pantry to my right. How can I leave my space, my cocoon? Fairly easily […]

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