Space Squid Gone Wild — a must-have “Best of” anthology

The Squid is back.

Space Squid Gone Wild is the Best of Space Squid collection you have all been waiting for. Yeah yeah, my story “Bad Amy,” is in it, in which I reveal the supernatural cause of the 2000 NASDAQ stock plunge. Remember that one? Before the latest recession that incinerated our life savings and future security? Well, its seeds were planted in the 2000 crash.

And there are dozens of other fine writers who have embraced the Squid.

Best of all, this is an e-book collection, in which case people who would normally look askance upon your choice of reading material wouldn’t ever have to know. I mean, check this cover out:

How can you resist?

Space Squid has just been annointed as a representation of Bizarro Fiction, and has been cited in a Wikipedia entry on same, along with Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens. Here’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about.

I am pleased and stoked to be a part of the Best of Space Squid. You can buy it for the Kindle here.

The writers group finishes the book

My writers group cryptopolis finished its critique of the third book in the Gordath Wood series — actually, it’s the first book in a duology, not the conclusion of a trilogy.

So the group got together and created a little surprise for me.


What is the significance of the Golden Chobo, you ask? Well, when you combine a bunch of smart-ass writers and certain fantasy tropes, say, the Golden Child, and a novel with “scary hoboes,” as one member put it, you get the Golden Chobo.

The significance of the crow and the tiara with the word “malcra” on it will be clear when you read the book, and it is one step closer to fruition.

Thanks guys for pertinent, thoughtful critiques, some truly dreadful puns (that would be Fred, who in the picture below is holding a postcard for Space Squid magazine), and good laughs. My books would never be as good as they are without your insightful comments.

Zombie weapons simulation pictures

Here are a handful of pictures from the Space Squid Issue 7 release party and the zombie weapons test simulation.


Matthew Bey, Space Squid editor, sets up the zombie simulation.


David Chang, Space Squid editor, prepares to record the events for posterity. 


Some of the weaponry.


I never thought Lawrence Person could look so action hero-ish. Never.


Or me, for that matter.