24 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments


Had a great time at ConDFW, one of the best Texas regional cons. I highly recommend these small cons. They are less intimidating that the big WorldCons, but no less immersive in the genre world. I got in late, after putting in a full day at the day job, and settled in at the bar […]

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04 October 2013 ~ 4 Comments

How my muse talks to me

How my muse gets my attention: The Uncommitted Come-on “There might maybe sorta kinda be a story in that little bit of an idea right there. You could maybe see it if you look at it sideways. Just saying. No? Okay, I was wrong. Never mind.” The Vague Restlessness “Sit down and write. You don’t […]

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06 August 2013 ~ 6 Comments

One writer, three lives

What is it like to be a writer of fantasy whose family isn’t into fantasy? Here’s how I do it. I sometimes envy the couples and families I meet at cons. When I go to cons, I go solitary. I meet my friends and fellow fans of course, so it’s not like I “wander lonely […]

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