28 August 2011 ~ 4 Comments

ArmadilloCon — Saturday and Sunday

To those who borrow this book: If you don’t return it to Patrice, your hard drive will crash, losing the last two hours work on your project, which were the best thing you’d ever done. Also, your e-reader will fall off the counter into the toilet. And your cat will throw up in your favorite […]

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28 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments


One of the refreshing things about AggieCon is all the young people out and about enjoying books, media, gaming, etc. Granted, as Matthew Bey pointed out they aren’t actually into the books, but they are definitely into story. Now if only I can capture that…oh yeah, that’s my job. Lots of costumes, lots of steampunk. […]

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20 March 2010 ~ 1 Comment

So you think you know tacos?

Totally unrelated (probably) to the New York Times’ recent discovery of the source of Austin’s mojo, that is, breakfast tacos, Austin’s own Matthew Bey is hosting a taco contest. I’ll let him explain. I can’t play, seeing how I know Matthew and all, and that would be a conflict of interest (also, I never win […]

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