21 April 2011 ~ 4 Comments

Catching up on my reading

With Lady of Temia complete and off to the editor, I have had time to catch up on my reading. Well, not the New Yorkers or the Atlantic. I’m only one person; there’s only so much I can do. So. Books. Since just about everyone I know has had a book out from Nightshade this […]

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23 September 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Narnia for grownups

One of the things that I’ve always had trouble with was how to describe my own book. I managed to come up with this description while in the bar at Apollocon, with Chris Roberson, Space Squid * Nemesis Mikal Trimm, and a bunch of other people who I don’t remember. (probably John Picaccio, Matthew Bey, […]

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26 August 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Airplane reading

Besides the aforementioned Atlantic, I also took three books on my recent sojourn to the North. John Moore’s A Fate Worse Than Dragons, which was pretty hilarious. John had mentioned it during the YA panel at Armadillocon and I was intrigued. I had already read Bad Prince Charlie and knew what to expect from John’s […]

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