14 October 2009 ~ 27 Comments

Writing a novel? Don’t do NanoWriMo

November is coming and that means NanoWriMo is closing in fast. If you are interested in writing a novel and have never tried, you probably think NaNoWriMo is just the ticket to give you the jumpstart you need. Don’t do it. Writing requires steady, consistent effort. Blasting through a novel at over 1000 words a […]

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06 February 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Writing Lessons — Taming the muse

I’m sure this has happened to you. You get all fired up about a new writing project and you write like blazes for an hour, or two. The words flow on the page. You feel like you are channeling the story, not creating it. It’s so easy. Ah, you say, this is fun! This is easy. […]

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