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WC on Sunday morning: 1,257

WC on Monday night: 1,130

 Total so far: 48,640

 Music: Christmas Adagios, a collection of beautiful classical pieces, some choral some instrumental. There are two Ave Marias, one by Pavarotti and the other by Leontyne Price. Also Vivaldi’s Winter Largo, which breaks my heart every time I listen to it.

 Sunday morning I wrote early because I met my friends Renee and Kimm for coffee at Epoch, a coffee house I had never been to but which is one they like. We talked for hours, about girl stuff, books, girl stuff, etc. We tend to only get together at cons, which means sometimes that we don’t actually hang out in Austin, but only in Houston or Dallas, so this was a refreshing break, not to have to drive 200 or so miles to drink coffee.

Today it rained and rained and rained, which we need because we’re in a drought. I don’t know if I like living in a drought-prone region. I’ve been here for a long time, so you think I would be used to it. Central Texas has water issues and thank God for the recession, because it has slowed the rate of growth, but in a year or so it’s going to start right up again, and we’re going to run out of water.

Today, however, there was an inconvenient amount of water, especially when I had to run errands during work, and I got soaked and spent the rest of the day wet and cold and as soon as I got home I got into my winter clothes — yoga pants, long-sleeved tee, and oversized denim shirt that I’ve had since my son was born.

And I wrote, and now it’s late and time for bed.

I will try to get back into my blog routine — I think I missed a writing lesson — this week.

Spinrad on Disch in Asimov’s

Words: 539

Not too great progress this time, but I have a story I want to edit before I send it to my writer’s group.

Music: KGSR Broadcasts 16. Disc II. I was blown away by Sam Baker and Gurf Morlix’s Slots. Achingly beautiful.

I picked up the most recent Asimov’s and so far have read Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Spires of Denon and Norman Spinrad’s essay on Thomas Disch.

Although I have been reading science fiction and fantasy since I was a kid, I only started to go to cons when I got serious about being a writer. The con culture is intertwined with the history of SF. I don’t think romance and mystery genres, both noted for their conventions, have the same con culture. (Please correct me if I am wrong in that.) The science fiction community and our cons are unique. And Spinrad touches on that at the end of his essay, that connection that writers and fans have, facilitated these later years by the Internet, and how maybe it could have saved his friend and colleague.

I wonder who of this current generation of writers and con-goers will become the lions of the genre. Who are the future grandmasters? Who is our Holy Trinity (Asimov, Clark, Heinlein)? Or is that time passed for good, and no one will ever rise to that level?

ConDFW Schedule — and new interview

The schedule for ConDFW is up. Here’s what I will be doing:

Patrice Sarath

Friday – 6 pm – The Aspiring Writers Panel (Warwick)

Hosted by Paul Black (M), David Weber, Jim Butcher, Patrice Sarath, Lee Martindale

So you want to be a writer? There are twists and turns in every path to a successful writing career, and our panelists can give you directions on how to get there.

Saturday –10 am – Here there be Dragons: Trends in Fantasy (Canterbury)Hosted by Adrian Simmons (M), Patrice Sarath, J.M. McDermott, Gloria Oliver

From things that fly and breathe fire to the denizens of the deep mines, fantasy has always been the place for high adventure. Our experts discuss where fantasy is today, and where it will be in the future.

Sunday –11 am Reading (Winston)

I am really looking forward to the con and hope to meet Gordath Wood fans. I am especially excited to be on panels with some really cool people. Also, my agent, Kae Tienstra, has an interview with me on her blog. You can read it here:

New Literary Agents — Interview