One of the refreshing things about AggieCon is all the young people out and about enjoying books, media, gaming, etc. Granted, as Matthew Bey pointed out they aren’t actually into the books, but they are definitely into story. Now if only I can capture that…oh yeah, that’s my job.

Lots of costumes, lots of steampunk. Small panels, and they weren’t well attended, but that just gave me more opportunity to do things I normally wouldn’t, like check in on the SCA vs. Amtgard demo, or practice watercolors with one of the artists in the art show.

Punks, steam. Lots.

It was swell meeting John Joseph Adams, his fiancee Christy Yant,  and Catherynne Valente and hanging out with the Stauber clan.

Nerds are awesome.

Among the panels I did were Nerd Girls, which devolved into “Nerd Girls, past and present” (you kids have things a lot easier nowadays, because at least you can be smart in math without going all Ophelia on us). Earth building, in which the various approaches were espoused by the panelists. Upshot: Too much gets in the way of the story, too little and you may be missing telling details. Or not. Depends on the style.

The Firefly panel was absorbing and fun, although it took a dangerous tangent in the Civil War, states’ rights, and slavery, but we steered the craft away from those dangerous shoals. Look, it’s not like we’re afraid of controversial topics, but it was 10 am on Sunday. We might not have gotten out of there.

The Firefly panel. Matthew Bey at far left, Catherynne Valente in the center. I didn't get the other panelists' names.

That pretty much recaps the con.  I need to get back to work on GWIII, which I need to start calling by its working title, which is Lady of Temia. Today, that is. It might be Lady of Crows tomorrow.



The ungruntling begins

Horseback riding always ungruntles me. I had a wonderful lesson on the sweet Missy, a chestnut mare with four white stockings and a white blaze. Down here they refer to the white markings as “chrome,” which I love so very much.

Missy is a well-trained Western mare who I ride English, and she is willing to take my cues even though it’s all so different.  She has a very bouncy trot but I managed to get her into a sitting trot and it was comfortable and collected. She had her neck bowed very nicely for some of it.

We cantered and jumped a little, and poor thing. She’s really not a very good jumper. She sort of flings herself at the cross rails in a desperate attempt to get everything over. She’ll learn and she’s a good sport, but for right now, she’s like agh! Gotta get my legs and butt over this somehow!

I am set up for Aggiecon for the weekend and yes, I am looking forward to it. If you are going to be there, see you this weekend!



Aggiecon — a review

Quote of the Con:

“I have a problem with fantasy that ignores reality.”Jayme Blaschke.

The most important thing to know about AggieCon is that I did not win the sword raffle. Man, can you imagine how cool that would have been? That was neat sword. A katana. We already know that it wouldn’t work on zombies, but hey, a girl can dream.

I was very pleased to see a high number of attendees, mostly A&M students, since it is their con, and there were plenty of people gaming in the hallways, dressed as their favorite character from game, history, or novel, and otherwise having a great time. All of the panels were fairly well attended, except for the politics panel, which was like the very first one of the con, and I could have told you that.

Otherwise my two other panels, on feminism and on religion were lively and interesting. Ellen Datlow and I had a difference of opinion about feminism, but she brought up a good point, to wit: literature with an agenda is rarely as interesting as just plain good storytelling.

Religion always brings out audience participation and we had a ton in that session. Panelists and audience alike brought their A game for a well-traveled (well-raveled?) discussion.

Got extensively caught up on the difference between Halo marines and Doom marines. But I forgot every bit of it. Sorry, guy in the well-made costume!

Martha Wells read from her novel about shapeshifters that an editor needs to buy very soon now, please? Because I can’t keep following her around from con to cons to hear the rest.

Hung out with various and sundry and read from Gordath Wood (The bit where Kate and Colar steal the jeep) and talked to other horse people and in general enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Next up — ConDFW.