The Crow God’s Girl — an update

Print book file: Complete.
Updated cover w/ updated bar code: on the verge of completion.
Smashwords file for ebook: Almost complete.

Book production is long, painstaking work. The proof copy had a lot of piddling little typographical errors, like reversed quotes, double dashes instead of m-dashes, etc. But otherwise, the proof looks good. The book itself — there is nothing like holding one’s book in one’s hand. It’s such a pretty book. And it looks just right next to the other two books in the series.

I’m planning some mega giveaways and celebrations for The Crow God’s Girl. Right now, ETA for the official debut is mid-June, and I expect the book to be widely available in all formats not long after.

I’m so pleased with how it came out. I think readers will be too.

Here’s an excerpt:
Twigs snatched at her, her breath came hard, and she heard Arrim’s futile bellowing behind her. She closed her eyes and ran, crashing through the underbrush, and when her toe caught underneath a root she went sprawling with such force she got the wind knocked out of her. Kate stretched out her full length on the muddy forest floor, her ears ringing.
She sucked for air, until with a whoosh, she could breathe again. As she struggled to her hands and knees, she looked up and froze.

She looked into the gordath, the blackness between worlds. Gone was the portal through which a person could look from one world to another. This was not the gateway. This was death, obscurity. She remembered a year ago the hapless soldier falling between the worlds, and knowing then, as she knew now, that he was consumed.

She had run to it with her eyes closed. She saw herself plunging forward, her momentum carrying her into oblivion. “Crow god,” she breathed, only half aware that she invoked that god.


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  1. When is a paper copy of “The Crow God’s Girl” going to be available (now into July)? Where is it going to be available? I’ve been checking and for some time now but only the ebook available.

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