First off, I think this is great and I want to give a formal shout out to Aleta Rafton, the artist who has created the covers for both Gordath Wood and Red Gold Bridge. She completely captures the heart and soul of my books and I am a fan of her artwork. Go check it out here: Aleta Rafton.

I love that Rafton chose an iconic image as the inspiration for the cover of Red Gold Bridge.

My friend Martin recognized both the bridge and the castle, and sent this image to me:

 The Mostar Bridge:


The cover:


There’s an extra bit of symbolism here for me. My writing is often inspired by visual art too, and there’s a piece in the Blanton Museum here in Austin that is an engraving of a Germanic castle, that has the same sort of feel as the Mostar castle. That piece inspired the look and feel of Red Gold Bridge and now here it is in another guise on the cover.

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Rachel Danielle · April 25, 2009 at 3:56 pm

A very beautiful cover! These books sound really good and I’m looking foward to getting my hands on them.

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